Self-portraits in front of a mirror

Last week I started a practice to improve my drawing skills. 

It’s actually something I’ve already tried many years ago while studying in Brera, but back then it was no fun. It required me too much mental energy and a special kind of focus that I was not willing to give myself. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their real life drawing technique, focus capacities and observational sensitivity.

Self-portraits drawn in front of a mirror, where the goal is to achieve an objective drawing, are actually lots of fun: every time one obtains a different version of himself that resembles him but at the same time is not like him. It is so much fun that after a while I sort of stopped worrying too much about verisimilitude and just let these new, serious concentrated people show me their funny faces!

It’s apparently something that painters have always been doing. Probably because this way they  found a patient and cheap model to pose for them. Or because it is a very challenging exercise indeed..

Anyways here are my drawings. The first four are more or less ten years old the other ones are recent. It takes me more or less 45 minutes to draw a life sized self-portrait of this kind.

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