The lost paradise

The main theme of my current work is what I could call the “lost paradise”. Different factors, coming from places that don’t have much in common, contribute to this place of inspiration.

Being born in 1989, I didn’t experience what Pasolini calls the “cultural genocide” that affected Italy after the economical boom in the 60s. I presumedly arrived when it was done. Still, through what the wise adults surrounding my youth transmitted me, I learned that the present is an ugly place and that the past is the goal, that all that is good has already disappeared and, implicitly, that the few remaining vestiges of the real life were to be found in remote “underdeveloped” countries or on the borderlines of society.

I grew up without a TV, which was really uncommon in the 90s. This had an impact on me, and not only because I had more time to play outside or do stuff with my hands like drawing and playing music. It was indirectly teaching me that what my fellows in school loved and what society worshipped in that present time was actually wrong and evil.

When my beloved family went on holidays in the mountains, the old people, fossils of a golden age, were presented to me loaded with meaning, we looked at them with pain and love, something about to disappear and terribly real.

A golden era, where everything still made sense and each one had an ancient, sacred role in the community, where life was tough and people used to wash in the cold river even in winter. Still, there was a sense of belonging and objects were crafted with time and love, to last.

Not only was I made to believe that this was the way things should have been, but also that the situation was getting worse and worse (which is probably true).

Besides this social and political background, more subconscious and obscure elements have  contributed to create in me a sense of loss, and impossibility to reach something real, alive and present.

Hence a sense of “lost paradise” or “nostalgia for life” in my present work, an ambivalent relationship of love/hate to this sticky melancholic feel.

My work is where I look for answers to this loss and worship this absence at the same time.

Or maybe its the place where I hope one day I will conquer this sense of hopelessness ;-)

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