Negative drawing: "Girl with a pearl earring" series

The idea behind this ongoing series of drawings take inspiration from an audio piece by Alvin Lucier called "I am sitting in room". In this piece a vocal sample is played and recorded over and over again, each time playing the last recording in a different room. At a certain point one can not recognize what the voice is saying anymore and only hears the reverberations of the various rooms where the sample has been played and recorded over and over again.

Similarly each drawing in this series is copied from an inverted photograph of the last drawing, with an added object laying on top of the drawing (a pencil, an orange peel etc.).

The drawing of the girl fades further and further away, getting more and more abstract.

By reversing the colors of a drawing, or a part of its composition, an element of inaccessibility creeps in. The viewer must search through an external device, a camera that inverts colors again, to see what the drawing is "really" about.

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