€600.00 EUR



2 pieces, each one 70*100cm, mounted with gaps 70*210cm, fine art print based on hi-res digital scans printed on matt paper.

Can be shipped mounted  on aluminum, framed or unmounted. Please contact me privately for more information.

Certificate and Signature label.

Part of Lina K., a series including 24 pieces. 


Lina K. was about to go back home to Sweden after completion of her fashion studies in Milan. She was very fashionable herself, very blonde and tall and so slim you could almost see through her. She was the kind of girl that made everybody turn around on the street and stopped time when she entered a room.

Luckily for me, she happened to be my neighbor in Milan and took a liking for me and my Bohemian room apartment. We spent long nights drinking and talking in the attic where I used to live. We lived in the same building not far away from Porta Romana but got to know each other only on the last month of her stay in Italy. All she and her friend wanted to do was partying, before leaving Italy for Sweden. She would party all night long and eventually show up in my small attic to rest, happily drunk.

I did a lot of sketches of her while she slept and would show them to her in the morning. 

I recently gathered some of these sketches and digitalized them using a high-end drum scanner. 


Fine art print on Matt paper. 

2X (70*100cm) 

The size of the prints can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Given the quality of the scans they can be printed also to larger formats than 70*100cm.

It will be shipped in a tube.

Shipping costs are included. 

On demand, it can be framed and shipped in a box.

Please contact me directly for more information on prices, shipment and framing possibilities. 

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